Find Your Wings and Fly Free!

Soar the skies with interdisciplinary multi-sensory educational and healing experiences to support well-being, mindfulness, creativity, and inner peace for joyful expansion.

The focus of my current work is on mindfulness for children and adults, in and out of classrooms, offering experiences with the sciences, expressive art, music, movement, positive psychology. I work one on one, in small and large groups with people seeking wholeness, transformation, healing, inspiration and joy.

For 40 years I have been involved in progressive educational alternatives and cutting edge educational reform that honors Interdisciplinary Experiential Education, Democratic Classrooms, Transformational Education, Critical Skills, and Flip Education as a journey of discovery for engaging the multi-dimensional nature of the human being and doing: encouraging balance of body, mind, spirit.

I have taught a creative, integrated curriculum in every grade level pre-K-through HS and including in-service and pre-service courses and workshops for teachers through school districts and colleges.  I founded and directed a non-profit science school, Days Meadow Science Center, in Kennebunk, Maine and Silver Falls Yoga Studio in Silverton, Oregon, before moving to Corvallis, Oregon to teach at Oregon State University, College of Public Health and Human Science. I specialize in mindfulness across the curriculum offering Mind/Body Interdisciplinary courses and guiding students to look at how the mind/body courses fit in their particular academic discipline as well as how to use the mind/body practices to enhance their personal well-being.

In a Nutshell

  • Consulting 
  • Courses/Classes
  • Workshops
  • 40 yrs. Experience
  • Holistic Education Specialist
  • Individuals • Groups • Families
  • All ages & abilities, 5-105y.o
  • Educator, Artist, Dancer,
  • Writer, Naturalist, Scientist
  • Visionary, Mentor, Guide
  • Leader, Catalyst