Interdisciplinary Yoga

Mindfulness Skills for Creative Resilience


A multisensory, interdisciplinary, transformative study into the cross-cultural understanding of mindful non-judgmental attention (Mindfulness) through a fun, creative variety of personal and group practices. Students will be introduced to a life-long personal awareness skill set with which to live to ones highest potential with resilience to navigate the challenging ups and downs of personal and professional endeavors. Addressing current Mindfulness research geared to student interests in subjects such as, Neuroscience, Genetics, Technology, Ecology, Psychology, Education, Business, and Sports, we will create a scientific platform from which to expand student self-awareness through time-tested practices. Students will discuss and present how Mindfulness affects personal perceptions that in turn can be applied across societal disciplines and a paradigm shift in society at large. 

FORMATS:  This course can be created for a variety of formats. There are endless possibilities for expanding or lessening the content, assignments, research and experiences. A few ideas are below.,

•Mindfulness Basics:  2-3credit elective that covers all the material in one term. Assignments would be created to match the time frame. Classes should be at least 80 -100 long.

•Introductory plus more advanced practices, student projects, and presentations in 2-3 terms, 2 credits/term. Level 1,2,3 

•Retreat Format: 3-7 Days with assignments before an dafter the “Retreat”

•A Workshop Format: Longer time frames such as 3-hour classes once or twice a week.

•A combination of formats… a few day-long workshops and shorter classes in between.


Definition: Thoughtful non-judgmental attention including Mindful reflection, meditation, self-awareness, contemplation, and holistic health embracing Positive Psychology (Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Relational, Emotional)

  1. Expand self-awareness by learning about principles and practices of mindfulness.
  2. Experience cross-cultural, ancient to present day mindfulness techniques to increase and accelerate personal awareness.  
  3. Identify and implement a personal mindfulness practice addressing the five parts of the self as described by Positive Psychology.
  4. Identify and implement mindfulness methods for reducing personal stress.
  5. Create/Practice contemplative learning techniques to create a holistic understanding of the self and improve overall communication with others.
  6. Create a On-going Contemplative Journal to improve understanding of self-reflection, expand creativity, with which to refer to continue a life long practice, have a visual form of the a progression from the beginning to the end of the course.
  7. Reflect on personal spirituality as part of holistic health, including intuition, imagination, inspiration, integration and interpretation. 
  8. Explore current cross-disciplinary research in Mindfulness.
  9. Practice leadership and communication skills in a democratic classroom model.
  10. Integrate, evaluate, and discuss how this process expands awareness affecting personal perceptions and in turn can lead to changes in larger groups and a paradigm shift in society at large.

Weekly Canvas Modules

Canvas Modules

The progression of this course is fully integrated and experiential with the following outline of experiences as

a framework from which to pull. In alignment with Honor College pedagogy, there will be opportunity for

student choices and the curriculum will be flexible to accommodate student interests, suggestions and


Week 1/2: Beginners Mind

Week 2/3 Creativity: Pathway to Joy

Week 3/4 Embracing Personal Power

Week 4/5: Open Heart Open Mind

Week 5/6 Authenticity: Living Your Truth

Week 6/7/8: Letting Everything Be Your Teacher

Week 9/10: Meeting Your Mindful Self

Mindfulness Definition: Thoughtful non-judgmental attention to the moment including mindful reflection,

meditation, contemplation, drawing, writing, and holistic health.


Interdisciplinary Yoga: Dance


 Evolve your consciousness and open in this easy movement practice that moves energy in the body allowing for healing opening to new thoughts, creativity, and freedom. Freedom for your spirit to move in your own unique way on the dance floor and in the world. So joyful and fun, touching and open-hearted you’ll feel as though each class is a mini retreat.

All bodies!   All Levels of moving! 

 Yoga Dance is a dynamic holistic experience of inner rhythm and expressive movement grounded in awareness-based practices, designed to let your essential self evolve to a higher awareness.  Based on moving energy, this practice teaches you to open and flow with your innate joyfulness, awaken your inner dancer, and find balance and peace to take into everyday life.   Guided movement, spontaneity, and improvisation facilitate deep opening and healing.  This playful, inspiring experience is about having fun and creating space for your spirit to dance.  You will be able to set your own pace, creating a gentle class for yourself to a high impact aerobic experience. We will laugh, learn, dance, explore our energy, heal, create community, and relax into our bodies.  Whether you love to move and dance or you are a hesitant toe-tapper, this class will leave you feeling confident and energized.

Yoga Dance Course Descriptions

Dance classes can  be developed into college or high school courses for fitness or dance departments.  These courses include human anatomy and draw on Body-Mind Centering, Bioenergetics and Expressive Therapy.  Reflective writing, projects, and readings.  Dance may also be presented to children as Creative Movement