Dance to the music of life! 
By Tsipora Berman

Mindfulness Skills Module Overview


Week 1/2: Beginners Mind

· Affirmation: I am stable, strong, grounded, safe, and secure.

· Gratitude First: 

· Awakening Intuition: I follow my inner guidance. I witness myself with a non-judgmental attitude.

· Meditation: Mediation Basics/ Stillness vs. Movement

· Breath: Gentle Steady Breath, 3 Part Breath

· Spiritual Focus: Patience/ Acceptance /Compassion 

· Physical Focus: Personal Boundaries/Foundation Postures

· Intellectual Focus: Concentration

· Relational Focus: Building class community

· Emotional Focus: Kindness/Compassion for Self

· Mindfulness: Non-judgmental present moment awareness. 

· Chakra 1: Muladara “root”. Color: Red Element: Earth 

· Sensory: Seeing with childlike wonder not tainted by judging. 

· Awakening: Intuition

· Research: Relationship of yoga to mindfulness, Nueroplasticity 

· Reflection: Intro to Reflection Rubric 

Week 2/3 Creativity: Pathway to Joy

· Affirmation: I flow freely with the rhythm of life. 

· Gratitude First

· Awakening Imagination: My creativity flows easily.

· Meditation: Sensory Meditation/ Drawing Meditation 

· Breath: 3 Part Breath, Breath of Joy

· Spiritual Focus: Creativity

· Physical Focus: Hip Openers, Twists, Fluidity, Flexibility

· Intellectual Focus: Group Process

· Relational Focus: Mirroring/ Co-listening/ Group Trust 

· Emotional Focus: Freedom and Joy

· Mindfulness: resilience, compassion, empathy

· Chakra 2: Swadhisthana Element: Water Color Orange

· Sensory:Taste: Tasting as if for the first time

· Awakening: Imagination The power of imagination makes us infinite. – John Muir

· Research: Students choose an academic area on which to focus while engaging in the assignments for each week or they choose to do the assignments as written. They can also use assignments as a jumping off point for their own exploration.

· Reflection: Using metaphors and analogies.

Week 3/4 Embracing Personal Power

· Affirmation: I have abundant personal energy to live fully in the world. I am guided by my deepest purpose.

· Gratitude First

· Awakening Interpretation: I see the big picture and all the parts. I see all the parts and the big picture.

· Meditation: Empowerment Visualization

· Breath: HA Breath/Fire Breath

· Spiritual Focus:  Meaning and Purpose

· Physical Focus: Core Strength /Authentic Movement

· Intellectual Focus: Confidence/Learning Styles/Multiple Intelligence

· Relational Focus: Leadership

· Emotional Focus: Empowerment

· Mindfulness: Patience, Art of Allowing

· Chakra3: Manipura:  Element: Fire Color:Yellow

· Sensory:  Inner and Outer Sight (Blindfold Project)

· Awakening: Integration

· Research: Human Ecology/Basics of Chaos Theory/Systems Theory OR Student initiated research

· Reflection: Personal Power and Mindfulness

Week 4/5: Open Heart Open Mind

· Affirmation:I am loving and lovable. I am a source of healing for myself and in the world

· Gratitude First 

· Awakening Inspiration

· Meditation: Smiling Heart / Heart Chant

· Breath: Ocean Breath

· Spiritual Focus: Intention

· Physical Focus: Arms/Hands (Cross-Cultural) 

· Intellectual Focus: Taking Action

· Relational Focus: Wisdom Council/Whole Group

· Emotional Focus :Community/Love

· Chakra 4 : Anahata Element:Air Color: Green

· Sensory:  Touch: Do you touch the earth or does it touch you? How do you touch with the heart?

· Research: Physics of Empty Space/ Heart Coherence

· Reflection: What does it mean to open the heart?

Week 5/6 Authenticity: Living Your Truth

· Affirmation I am learning and I am growing in everything I do.

· Gratitude First 

· Awakening Integration

· Meditation: Authentic Movement/Insight Meditation

· Spiritual Focus: Truth

· Physical Focus: Wholeness

· Intellectual Focus: Self Expression/Life Purpose/Speaking

· Relational Focus: Co-Listening, Reflective listening

· Emotional Focus: Self expression / Speaking truth

· Chakra 5: Vishudha Color: Light Blue Element: Sound

· Sensory: Hearing/sound and brain waves. 

· Mindfulness Skill: Stream of consciousness writing.

· Research: Physics-Sound /Light, Electro Magnetic Energy Field

· Reflection: Stream of consciousness writing.

Week 6/7/8:Letting Everything Be Your Teacher

· Affirmation I am wise. I know my truth and share it.

· Gratitude First 

· Awakening: Inspiration

· Meditation: Insight Meditation

· Spiritual Focus: Inward Control Centers/ Body/mind brain

· Physical Focus: Fluid connectivity between parts of the body

· Intellectual Focus: Perspective/Democracy

· Emotional Focus: Public Speaking, Leadership,

· Relational Focus: If my body could speak what would it say? 

· Chakra 6 :Ajna or to perceive, Color Indigo Element: Light

· Sensory: Survivalist Ego vs. Essential Self

· Research:  Pituitary, Pineal, Hippocampus, Hypothalamus

· Reflection: What inspires you? 

Week 9/10-10: Meeting Your Mindful Self

· Affirmation I am wise. I know my truth and share it.

· Gratitude First 

· Awakening Wholeness

· Meditation: Consciousness Evolution Meditation

· Spiritual Focus: Energy Field

· Physical Focus: Wholeness

· Intellectual Focus: Democracy/ Co-creating

· Emotional Focus: Full Presence

· Relational Focus: Perspective/ non-judgmental awareness 

· Chakra 7:S ahasrara, Color Purple or White Element: Light

· Sensory: Aliveness/ Life Sense

· Research: Control centers of the brain: Pituitary, Pineal, Hippocampus, Hypothalamus

· Reflection: Bringing it all together.