Individual Sessions


Health and Wellness Coach

Holistic Lifestyle Guidance in diet, body awareness, healing, relaxation, finding balance, anxiety and depression.  In addition, I address chronic illness including pain, autoimmune disease, digestive issues, cognitive issues, lyme disease, cancer, and inflammation.


Mindfulness Education & Therapy

Use the attitudinal foundations of mindfulness (Non-Judging, Patience, Beginners Mind, Trust, Non-striving, Acceptance, Letting Go), to navigate your inner and outer worlds.  Gain clarity, purpose, inspiration, and insight for your next right step.


Holistic Education Consultant

Workshops, courses, consultation in holistic educational methods, starting small schools, interdisciplinary multi-sensory experiential curriculum development. "Holistic Education is a philosophy of education based on the premise that each person finds identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to the community, to the natural world, and to humanitarian values such as compassion and peace."  Wikipedia


Let Your Yoga Dance
Evolve your consciousness and open in this easy movement practice that moves energy in the body allowing for healing and opening new thoughts, creativity, and freedom. A form of yoga blended with dance that awakens your soul and nurtures the body like nothing else. A private session is a time for you to try it without a group or to work individually to open your energy centers and reclaim your body wisdom. 


Yoga Therapy

A time to explore your individuality within the practice of yoga, tailored to the needs of your body. Sessions  include postural evaluation and alignment, and the use of postures to release tension and relieve pain. A great way to develop a posture series as a home practice that suits your body as well as get insight through the body on personal issues that need resolution.


Breema Bodywork

The Art of Being Fully Present

A fully clothed body work done on a padded floor to create harmony and balance between one’s mind, feelings, and body in relationship to ourself, to others and to all life.  Breema is a gentle choreography of movements. Vitality. Mental Clarity.  Flexibility.  Emotional Balance. Realignment. Reduced Stress. 

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Visioning Skills

Visionary skills sometimes referred to as the Shamanic Journey Process or Lucid Dreaming, tapping the sub-conscious theta wavelength state, are used to gain understanding beyond the range of ordinary sensory perception. Learn to expand perception into the part of the self that expresses consciousness for insight, guidance and healing for self and others.


Expressive Arts Education & Therapy

Using movement, sound, visual arts, and writing to foster self-expression, insight, creativity, personal visioning, and expanded consciousness. No art experience is necessary to be in wonder of what will be created in the projects offered.  Gain insight into your truth, next right step, increase joy, and playfulness. Find freedom to unleash the artist within.  


Light Coach

Find your wings and shine your light! Join me for a session of personal awakening and lightening your spirit to take flight into living to your highest potential. Expand to create more space for freedom, inner peace, and joy to live your authenticity to do your work in the world.