Sending It Out



I was fortunate to have met Tsipora at a time when I was just starting to step into a new role as a teacher. Seeing how Tsipora was able to share knowledge in a way that demonstrated her vast array of skills and wisdom without insisting on total alignment and agreement with a particular set of ideals and beliefs was refreshing and gave me much-needed inspiration and encouragement for a style of sharing knowledge that included the possibility of honoring each student's truth. I see this as being in total trust of her inner authority, and I am grateful for this reflection that has inspired me to trust mine. In the way of a true seeker of knowledge, Tsipora is always open to new possibilities, new learning, new experiences, new truths. With her love of science and inquiry, she is always experimenting, always practicing, always coming to the classroom of her life with what the Buddhist's call beginner's mind, and this passion is contagious. Her student's can't help but to be infected with the awe, the joy, the wonder, the contemplative thoughtfulness that she exudes. It is my prayer that many, many more students, teachers, guides, and curious minds might discover the divine joy that is working with the beautiful, wise and soulful Tsipora Berman.

-Tatiana Sakurai, Healing Minister, Director & Founder of Canopy, and Creator of YogAdagio

Tsipora is a unique yoga teacher.  She combines yoga with spiritual lessons, music, chant, dance and meditation.  No two classes are the same. I have personally taken yoga on and off for the last 20 years, and I have never encountered such a versatile instructor.  Her yoga classes are very popular here in Silverton with both men and women. In addition, Tsipora has excelled at teaching the 60 to 80 year old age groups.  She combines chair yoga and specific movements geared to support the unique bodies of older people.I consider Tsipora to be a Holistic Educator.  She is a lifelong teacher who is able to impart all that she knows easily and with loving concern. 

Sincerely, Sue T.(Learning Specialist)

Feeling Young and Energized with Yoga Dance Owner of Fitness Over Fifty: Corvallis Oregon: Jason Wallis

It’s hard to bring yourself to participate in an activity in which you’re not sure what to expect.  Rather, it’s much easier to just pass if you allow yourself to think you’ll be out of place or will feel silly or uncomfortable trying.  But why not go out on a limb and do something every now and then that takes you out of your comfort zone?  that’s exactly what I did at a recent Yoga Dance workshop at FOF.  We started with relaxing breathing, stretches, poses and gentle meditation.  Before I knew it Tsipora , our resident Yogi, had us on our feet swaying , bouncing, and most importantly smiling to her wonderful selection of upbeat and motivational music.  Honestly I never knew I could laugh and smile so much with people I didn’t know very well.  After moving every which way to the beat of drums and flailing around with scarves we were instructed in centering and reminded of various ways to appreciate ourselves and the world around us.  It was amazing that this 30-something year old guy and a group including some nearly 80 year old women could all feel like kids again so easily.  No experience, particular abilities, or preconceptions necessary.  Just a sense of adventure and a willingness to let go. Owner of Fitness Over Fifty: Corvallis Oregon: Jason Wallis

Tsipora Claudia is a generous woman with a heart and mission for teaching. She is authentically and by nature a teacher, and anyone hiring her will quickly discover this truth.

Penelope J. Lichatowich

Dear Tsipora

Thank you for opening the door for me. you invited me in, and you invited my body to come in too. To come in just as it was. Worthy to enter. To enter in to the world of movement and being and stretching and awareness. To move into reality. My body had never felt so free and able to breathe and expand and reach out. Your open heart and unified spirit in the Studio you created, made a safe place for my body to come out of hiding and reach for what it desired. It desired Yoga. it desired movement. it desired stretching. It desired acknowledgement. It desired the path you opened for it.

Thank you for all of the energy and passion that you have lived your life with. Thank you for taking the journey that led you to become a Master Teacher who can perform such wonders for people like me. People who have a great desire and who cannot find the path. Thank you for opening the door with joy and acceptance.

Sitting in your studio was like sitting out in the trees, feeling the air, and watching the birds, as my body and spirit expanded into oneness with nature. It was awesome. Then you took us on a guided meditation, energized with the singing of the crystal bowls. My heart opened wings and took flight. I was there in the moment. It was beautiful.

Thank you for our individual meeting too. It gave me the courage and direction to pursue my desire. When I got home, I called the different teachers to find a Yoga class in Provo, chose the one that seemed best, and went to the class. it wasn’t a good fit, but I persevered and went to a different class (Restorative) with a more open-hearted teacher, a man in his 60s, and it was better. I think it will work for me. I will also go tomorrow to experience a third teacher, so I can see how she teaches. I also ordered some Chair Yoga DVDs and my husband says he will do them with me at home.

After going to these classes, I see clearly that the yoga experience you offer to your students is a very unique and precious gift. One that can no be had anywhere else. There are no teachers in Utah Vally that have the depth of knowledge, the rang e of experience, and the openness of heart that you bring to your teaching. So I will take the bits and pieces I can find an assemble them into my own Yoga practice, using the vision you gave me as a guide. You opened the door, and I will not allow it to be shut again. I will run across the threshold and explore the new world.

Thank you Tsipora.

Love, Tina

Tsipora is my rock of the ages.

She has shown me the importance of honoring both movement and stillness and with such grace and compassion.  This absolutely her gift to this world in this time and space called now.  She has a natural shy quiet nature and yet there is this larger than life roaring goddess that often steps up in the moment when it's most needed.  Every dance experience with Tsipora is a new experience that comes deep from the soul of this larger than we can quantify universe and channels divinely through her very being.  Her love of the great mysteries of life come alive as she invites us all to try out new things and look at something with different eyes.  At the same time, she always makes room for people to honor their places of discomfort by giving them permission to listen to their own body wisdom or simply just watch, allow or be still.  Wherever Tsipora is... there is surely magic present... and she is the magic that has danced my life of chronic pain into a life of heavenly joy.  I'm am eternally grateful to have found her.  Right now that JOY is dancing me through a very challenging transition and I'm hanging on to the very threads of those whirling scarves. Namaste  Beautiful Fairy..your wings are everywhere          Gail

Tsipora Berman is an extraordinary educator.

I have taken yoga classes from her for  six years, and can attest to her teaching innovation. She routinely incorporates dance, song, chanting, walking, breathing exercises, meditations, laughter, yoga poses and free movement into the classes, all with the end result of bringing the students to a true understanding of yoga.   Beginning each class with a lesson on ideas ranging from recent scientific discoveries pertaining to yoga to the process of seeing it as a life style, she continually broadens the meaning of the initial subject.

Her compassion for her students is always present and amazing.  She stresses non-competition and teaches progression as a personal goal only.  She is extremely mindful in reminding the students at the beginning of every pose to listen to their body, since each body is different and has its own gifts and limitations. She is forthcoming, always, in using herself as an example of physical limitations when appropriate, thus inspiring us push to the edge of, but not beyond our abilities. She suggests, then orders individual props for those of us needing them to keep from being hurt; thus, in six years, I never knew a student to get an injury in her class. She reinforces the yogic precepts of gratitude, compassion and mindfulness by celebrating births, and having  group meditations when appropriate for recovery from surgeries and bereavements that occur to various students.

Tsipora's dedication is remarkable. Our 1 hour class consistently goes for 1 1/2 hours, just because she wants to be sure we have a full yoga experience from the opening meditation through the restorative pose at the end of the class. She never misses a class unless the weather makes roads impassable, or she is ill; I can't remember this happening more than two or three times  in the six year span. Our class is scheduled in a town about 25 minutes from her home so she never knows in advance who will be in attendance, but it never makes an iota of difference in the quality of teaching whether there are 15 or 5 students.

Her mindfulness is always present.  The best example I can think of is that she says she is a 'Type A' personality, but all that energy somehow gets channeled into a calm and focused presentation every week.   She is a living example of what she teaches; this to me is the epitome of a true educator.

I will miss her teaching more than I can say.  Lucky the student, of whatever age, who has Tsipora for an instructor.


Marla B.

Tsipora Claudia  Berman was my Yoga instructor for about 4 years. I have Fibromyalgia, which includes, among other challenges, muscle pain & difficulty exercising. Stress, as it is for many things, makes it more difficult to manage these challenges. 

Tsipora's "style" of teaching Yoga involves reminding her students to work at the level your body tells you is right NOW, at this moment. She stresses listening to your own body regularly & not assuming because you could work at a certain level last week or yesterday, that is okay at the moment.

Through Yoga classes with Tsipora, I have learned how to “take the Yoga from the mat into my life.” This helps me to remember to check with my body or scan for tension, regularly. When I find tension, then I can relax those muscles. This has helped me manage my body pain & stress many times daily. It sounds simple, but most of the time, I've found I do have to remind myself to check with my body, which helps me not overdo my moves.

Tsipora is a marvel to me, as I have taken other Yoga classes, but until I started Yoga with her, I'd never experienced Yoga at all levels. What I mean by that, is that Tsipora easily helps all levels of Yoga (gentle, moderate, or experienced) students succeed in a single class. She does this by explaining, “If you're working gentle, you'll be doing this. If you are working at a moderate level, you'll be doing something more. And, if you're working at an experienced or advanced level, you'll be doing even more.” She gives clear examples of what “more” is, so her students never doubt her instructions.

Tsipora talks to her Yoga classes nearly non-stop & one of the many things she asks her students to do is to “witness,” or “be in the moment.” This training has helped me learn to appreciate every moment & has, thus, improved my quality of life.

I already miss our regular Yoga classes, but I know Tsipora is destined for much, much more.

Wendy Stone, Yoga student

I have taken yoga from Tsipora Berman for about 3 year. She is quite an amazing teacher! For one thing, she is very adaptive to the needs of seniors. We were her “junior students” ages 60-80, and she also taught the very elderly, ages 80-100 at a nursing home in Mount Angel. Lucky elders! She encouraged everyone to go at their own pace, but led us in a good all-around workout, with gentle stretching, and encouraged our adapting yoga poses, when necessary.

The other unique thing about Tsipora is her great enthusiasm for knowledge and understanding, which she shared with us most generously. She is a real scientist, and she brought to her classes many facts and stories about the benefits of yoga. Never have I had a teacher who brought this “science angle” to her yoga classes. She often cited research studies and interesting facts, and is very knowledgeable of the ancient traditions and origins of yogic practices. I have really appreciated this added dimension to her yoga classes.

Tsipora is very open to others’ spiritual traditions, and she often incorporated aspects of these traditions into her class practices. This made for varied and interesting yoga sessions. You never knew what to expect in a yoga class with Tispora. Of course, she built every class around the traditional yoga asanas, and you always felt that she had a solid yoga foundation from her training at Kripalu Yoga Institute, but she would add interesting new and creative “bits” in addition to the yoga routine. I really enjoyed her classes.

I wholeheartedly recommend her. She is a remarkable yogini!


Betty Lowman

Sweet Tsipora,

I am so happy to have been lead to you and your beautiful studio; you are a gift.  I thought to let you know a few personal bits, things to give thanks for!

First, I have had very clear, inner "pictures" related to my body at some point during nearly each class I have attended, pointing to connections with my mind/spirit and areas of healing.  They have been beautiful!

Also, on at least two occasions, and while maintaining a certain pose, a spontaneous welling up of pure joy - the kind that makes you want to "burble" out laughter - came up from deep within! I'm sure those who are seasoned in the practice of yoga might find this  common  and natural,  but at  this point in my "novitiate" I find it  remarkable  and  am filled with gratitude.   To be rediscovering my joy now in the depths of my being is like finding home!

When you guided us through the drawing exercise on Saturday I was surprised at how quickly and naturally my spirit (or subconscious - whatever!) responded, and how freeing and loving the results were for me.  I placed my drawing in my room where I could see it, maybe to keep it as a point of meditation. After hanging it up and stepping back, I noticed that the dark side of the picture, the side reflecting sorrow, showed a face in obvious silhouette - something i had not been conscious of drawing, but which I recognized immediately as an accurate symbol of something/someone difficult for me in the near past. This brought even more affirmation of healing for me, awareness of the complete embrace of Love, and the fact that I AM joy!

Thank you for coming to bring gifts to us here in Oregon, - you are the gift! May you know blessing upon blessing!



"Finally escaped to do yoga.


Had muscles release tension they hadn't had any other way out, had bones pop that had been begging for the chance to do so, that creative vision that is just waiting in the wings (pun intended) 

I feel-like usual -that yoga is one of the best things ever discovered. 

Thank you for being such a serene escape and simultaneously a doorway opener."


Dear Tsipora,

I can’t thank you enough for the help I’ve had through attendance in your yoga class. Migraine headaches with preceding visual disturbance (aura) have been a problem for decades. By attending your class each week, those headaches as well as low back pain seem to have become almost nil. Practicing yoga is painless, seems to have replaced my need for chiropractic visits, and is oh so relaxing as well. You shall be greatly missed Tsipora! My very best wishes for your good health, happiness and success in your next endeavor.

Helen M.

Mt. Angel Towers Retirement Center

October 22, 2013

Dear Tsipora,

Thank you so much for all the work you have done with us here at the Towers.

You have extraordinary patience and concern for the needs of our age group.

Personally, I have benefitted greatly in improved flexibility and balance as well as many insights on the aging process. All good wishes to you


Joy E.

Mr Angel Towers Retirement Center

Dear Tsipora,

Of course the sadness I feel is about my loss, myself not wanting to adjust or face the fact that Tsipora won’t be on the hill. And of course, I will, in time adjust. But I wanted you to know that through the years you saw in me things I couldn’t see in myself. When I physically felt really low and sick you assured me and informed me about certain sensitivities that I might be picking up on and reacting to, breaking a cycle of self punishing self talk. You spoke to my leadership and you saw my spirit, two areas no one ever noticed before or were shocking to hear at first but you know deep inside I knew. When you leave this place you will be leaving me better, stronger, closer to my true self because of the love you gave so freely. Call it love, friendship, connection, spirit. Call it goo. This is what I am left with when you leave. I call it Tsipora.

Blessings and good cheer.



I have been a student for over two years at a suburb retirement center in Oregon at which Tispora has been our yoga instructor. For many years I have been involved in the practice of yoga but truthfully, I have not encountered a teacher such as Tsipora. She not only addresses the physical positions but explains the body’s indispensable requirements. Tsipora goes over and above so thoroughly insightful into our well being leaving one spiritually aware and deeply grateful for our blessings, one of which has been her entrance into my life.


Winifred Bolton

P.S. She has a wonderfully delightful sense of humor!

Dear Tsipora,

Your time and energy is greatly appreciated in all you do at the studio.

You attract such loving people and bring so much light to our community.

We are blessed to have you here!

Your dancing sister,


To whom it may concern:

I have been a client of Tsipora’s for about a year.  I look forward to seeing her for Yoga when I’m available on the weekends.  She tailors her classes so that each participant can achieve the benefits most appropriate to their situation and experience.  I have also had the opportunity to see Tsipora for one-on-one consultation in prenatal Yoga.  A 90 minute session was very informative and beneficial to extending my practice to regular gym settings and at home.  I appreciate that Tsipora listens very carefully to what her clients have to say and uses that information to create a practice unique to them.  I will miss her and hope that she has great successes in her new location.


Johanna P.

Tsipora Berman has been an incredible inspiration and reflection for me as a teacher and guide. Her deep wisdom and breadth of knowledge across multiple modalities and cross-cultural teachings mixed with the playfulness of her approach creates a sense of excitement and engagement in exploration. As a teacher myself, I can see how deeply engaged she is in teaching by how deeply engaged she is with learning. Every great teacher is also a student and this is beautifully played out in Tsipora's interest in her student's experiences, profound wonder and joy in new discoveries, and respect for the knowing each student brings to the class. AY

Namaste T!

It was so great to see you on Saturday!  What a wonderful surprise!  It brought back sweet memories to me of the time I spent in your studio with the incredible community you brought together! I have said this before, but wanted to say again...'Thank you!' You have an amazing gift of bringing community together, creating community among spiritual seekers, using ceremony, music, body movement and information shared poetic to assist people in their spiritual journeys. The yoga classes I attended weren't just about learning new asanas.  They were a spiritual journey.  The tender care you showed to me while I was in the throes of the Kundalini rising was pivotal in shaping that experience into the gift that is now emerging.  The way you wove teaching of age-old and emergent wisdom into everything you did - yoga, ceremony, dance, journey - raised the experience above the immediate and mundane to a plane where one could touch eternity. I know we each have to continue our journeys and that yours may take you away from doing this kind of work.  I respect that and the pray for the best for you.  Yet, another part of me mourns that Silverton may eventually lose the precious gift that you bring. Whatever your future brings you, I pray that you will always remember the gift that you are and have been for this tiny community and in the lives of so many people.

Namaste my friend!


Thank you for all that you offer and teach. When I came last week everything that was topsy-turvy in my life became righted in a way that I could understand, at least the why. It caused me to realize that there is no where else that I can go and get all that I do from you.  Thank you so much-


Today was quite a profound and powerful experience and more interesting as the day/evening goes on...seemingly regressing and going forward at the same time. Funny thing about healing, and even more so these days, is when u think ya had somethin taken care of, it pops up, yet also seems to bring with it a completion and ability to honor and offer healing to all who were involved instead of just having the individual experience. My brain is really experiencing some interesting alterations, as words, spelling, sequencing seem to be as learning them for the first time, much like the experiences of years back after the original altering with the heat experience. These are all great gifts you facilitated today, because going there also demonstrates it was long ago and the associated trauma and experiences forward from that are also now distant and more significant in preparation for now. Pretty remarkable!!! So the singing bowls today replaced the old way of experiencing challenges with language skills...wow, and wow again. So, anyway, i feel much love and gratitude for you and the group and feel some kind of belonging in a way which chokes me up because it has been hard to come by. Also wanted to share that afterwards i went to Kaylan's clothing design/sewing shop for the first time and when i introduced myself and stated was feeling a little "altered", she said she wished she had known about the ceremony so next time i will let her know too.

I also just sent a note to Dr. Marcia Emery  psych/dream woman in Berkeley and spoke about our experiences today and am going to remain curious how our intentions will affect our dreamtime.  So, sweet dreams to you Tsipora and thank u again, Karen

I am surprised at how much I learned about the ways my body holds stress and anxiety.

I had the opportunity to experiment with various relaxation techniques ad muscle stretches. I was surprised at the number of these techniques that actually made me feel more relaxed , as I typically do no de-stress easily.  In fact, until I took this class, I did not take time to relax, or even try because I thought there was no way it could work for me.

I now have a variety of relaxation techniques that I am using on a regular basis in order to distress. I have four favorites and now follow a daily routine for using them.  I feel better overall since I implemented  the relaxation techniques.  In addition to finding relaxation , I learned a lot about myself and the importance of validating myself to reach my full potential.  I recognize I am a work in progress and am striving everyday to be a better person by showing patience,  understanding and compassion for others.  The key is to listen to my heart and believe in myself.  Everything is possible for those who believe in themselves.    I was so impressed with the knowledge and experiences I gained from this class that I did an oral presentation on Stress and demonstrated some to the techniques I found useful.  They were a big hit in my Communications in Business Class.       Gayle T.

Throughout this class the greatest thing I learned was to relax and let my self breathe.

At first,  I felt awkward  relaxing in a room full of people I don’t know.  As we went  through the term I found my body relaxing more quickly and falling asleep sooner.  The stretching part of the class was also surprisingly relaxing.  I had never tried that before.  Some days I didn’t realize how tired I was until I laid down.   I hope I remember to give myself time to simply relax.

Candice M.

Balance, Friendship, and Love

Compared to others

I found these were above,

Be it massage, be it sleep

We were always in so deep,

My mind is blank,

the class was great,

Definitely a 10 if I was to rate,

Namaste   Peace

Brodie K

Breathe,  Breathe, Breathe!!! Just simply lying down and breathing with some stretching does wonders.  There were times when I had a stressful or tiring day and when I hit the mat, the bad energy just left.  I love that feeling of being fine while doing nothing.  The stretching was relaxing and also helped with my flexibility.  I work out after this class and this helped me be more limber for lifting weights.  It makes my job easier and more fun because I don’t have to stretch out at the gym.    Mike T

Co-listening- I learned that when you are telling someone something about yourself or just trying to get a bad day off your chest and get past it, it sometimes is easier and more effective just to be able to say what you need to say and not have to worry about betting feedback or hearing something you don’t want to hear.  It was relaxing to just have another person there to listen.  I have found through this class that it is very nice to be able to come into a class where judgment is not allowed. I wish very much more classes were like this.  I had a lot of fun in this class. I wish it was longer.  I am thankful for having a teacher who believes in what they teach and follows their own teachings. Haley B

I have never experienced such deep relaxation.  I have never taken the time to learn about it nor understood the importance or the power it can have.  I enjoyed the variety of experiences but a few stand out. I liked focusing on one particular  body part and breathing into it, feeling it get heavier, sinking into the earth  and actually feeling the blood entering areas I was breathing into.

Tsipora Tsipora , I can’t imagine any other person making this class a more comfortable, easy and pleasant  learning experience.  Having you as a teacher made it easier for me to relax and easier to open up.  In the end I feel lucky to take away the knowledge I gained.  Even more so I feel lucky to have met the wonderful people who participated  in this class.  Thank you very much.  Charlie S

My experience in this class was eye opening.  I find myself using the breathing techniques when I am stressed out. I feel as thought I also gave a piece of myself to the class during the term thorough the sharing that we did.  I discovered new ways to be aware  of myself and be the observer of me.  My favorite part of the class was when we used art to help connect, breathe and relax.  I am also excited about sharing the massage techniques I learned. Thank you Tsipora  for opening my eyes to a new way of living.  I am more aware.  I am more free   Kate M

I learned how to relax and ground myself and to remove all my thoughts of what was and to become. That was very helpful for me, because I worry about lots of stuff. When we went into the yoga stuff and stretching, I found that I was more limber than I once thought I was because you told us not to judge ourselves. In the process if doing that, I found that I was better able to understand my body, it’s movements such as how the bones are placed together, and it’s limits and what I’m comfortable doing. The co-listening exercise you put us through was interesting. When you were the one speaking, you felt like you could say anything and you wouldn’t have anyone back talk to you, which was nice. And when you were the one listening to the person, you would just listen, observe and let what they said pass on by. When we did the massage part of the class, I learned new things. I learned that when you receive a massage it feels more comforting when the person is moving around that they are making contact with your body the entire time. I also learned that pressure is good, just pressing in and not so much with rubbing. That technique makes it so that you don’t get as tired as quickly. Because sometimes the rubbing can wear you out if you’re not used to it. And I learned that you can use not just your fingers, fists, and hands, but also your arms and feet to massage someone. I found that making the collage postcards was really fun. You can use your creative side and make something visually pleasing and you could be proud of it. Overall I had a good time in class, I learned new things and met new people.  Elizabeth

As a teacher, I thought you did a great job of being very friendly and non-judgemental as well as welcoming. You made the classroom atmosphere relaxed, and thoroughly enjoyable. I don't think anyone in their right mind would not like you as a teacher {well, maybe  some ultra-conservative-anti-hippy  redneck, and that is more of a pre-decided judgement anyways}. Well, I had a good time, I hope you did too, I recommended your class to a friend of mine named Robert......I think you will like him, and I'm sure he will find the class useful.........if he takes it, I'll work on that one.  Alana

I had no idea what I was getting into when Tsipora asked me if I wanted to try out movement therapy.  We did a session and I felt my body, drew images and then she guided me in moving. It was very interesting and helpful in bringing some clarity to the issues as hand.  I have done a lot of therapy but this was different and refreshing to not just be talking. It was fun and a challenge to be asked to draw and move and then to talk about what happened.

Breema is an effortless and relaxing stretching of all parts of the body.  How lovely to just relax and know that all the parts of your body are being touched and awakened in a natural, healing way. Danskinetics wakes up my whole being.  I can be as quiet and subtle or as loud an exuberant as I want.  I exercise all parts of my body without even knowing it because I am enjoying the music and the group dynamics.   I laugh a lot because it's just plain fun.  Time flies and in an hour I am fully awake, yet relaxed, and ready to do anything I choose.      Glenda L.

I am a mystery unto myself.Because I trust Tsipora  and respect her integrity I have asked her to help me explore some of these mysteries both verbally and non-verbally. For most of my life I have lived "from the neck up". Tsipora  helped bring out the Dancer in me. Her affirmation of me as a "mover" has given me a deep inner pride and a new way of relating to my Body and expressing my Soul. Our work together always leaves me feeling more grounded, alive and accepting of my Body and it's story.

Kathleen B.

Tsipora working with you has helped me connect with something larger than myself, has helped me feel part of a universal consciousness.    Joan Werthner

I am writing to express my thanks to you for your very caring and learned body work that you have done for (and on) me over several sessions.  I find your touch to be sensitive and searching, to be very respectful , always with a fine curiosity and concentration.  Your work has helped me through several physical difficulties and helped put me in touch with emotional issues that had been beyond my conscious grasp.  I appreciate the generous giving of your time during your training and mostly I am as always touched by your gift of caring.  

With thanks,    Lou

What makes Tsipora unique is that she brings compassion and spirituality to her deep understanding of the human body.  She teaches movement through a gentle encouragement for each person to accept and appreciate her or himself, and then progress to new heights of physical accomplishment.   I have a chronic problem with my wrists, and Tsipora  has suggested several ways for me to participate without straining them. Over time, they have come a long way toward regaining strength and healing. Through her choice of music, readings and art objects, Tsipora  puts each session in a spiritual context, and also closes in a prayerful way. At the end of the session, I feel energized, fulfilled, and often moved. Vicki A.

Walking into Tsipora's class is like a breeze across a meadow. You feel an immediate peace. Tsipora  encourages the students to work at their own level--what level they feel they can do that moment, that day. When in season, Tsipora  places flowers at each persons place to also take home. What a delicate touch! Her style of teaching, the practice of yoga and dance have  greatly benefited this student (who has MS) in mind, body and spirit. It is a blessing to know Tsipora  and be part of her class.             Jean D.

I've been dancing with Tsipora for several years now.  It is a tremendous source of joy in my life.  Although I sometimes feel low in energy before I go to danskinetics, I invariably leave energized, joyful, and more at peace with myself and the world.  Tsipora  is able to create a high-energy, exuberant dance session with a peaceful, calming, centering spirit.  She is supportive and wise about people's individual needs and emotions.  I couldn't recommend her classes more highly!        Andi

I have participated in danskinetics classes and received Breema from Tsipora  Berman.  She also took me on a guided walk through nature, where I was encouraged to feel my body as part of the body of the earth.  In all my interactions with Tsipora , I am fascinated by her ability to weave all she knows into her work.  My experience with her is one of total acceptance, and honoring.  I leave feeling relaxed and fulfilled.  Tsipora  is a great teacher, and she walks her talk.    Abbe

Tsipora has been an importantpart of my life. I spent several years dancing with her in dance-kinetics class. The best part of dancing in her class was the joy I would feel in dancing freely. Her classes always made me feel comfortable. Her warm ups make you ready to dance! I always felt in her classes great moments were I was completely out of my head. I love the high energy especially. It makes you feel wild and free and happy.  I spent some of my time in dance class when I was pregnant with my first child.  I believe that my daughter is so calm because of this work! I feel like it kept me in good place mentally (because of the relaxation) and also physically. I loved the time; dancing with the baby inside me! I haven't had the opportunity to dance in a while and it is striking how much I miss it. Dance with Tsipora really helps you maintain a good balance in your life. Not only is it much needed exercise but, it gives you space to release all the pressures that you carry with you.  I always leave Tsipora's classes feeling joyful. On many occasions, I would come home and continue dancing. I felt that happy.  Prior to Tsipora , I only danced at concerts which are too infrequent.  Tsipora has now added dance and movement to my life. (and to my living room)          Lindsay

I participated in several Kripalu DansKinetics classes that Tsipora led and the most striking thing I found about her style is how profoundly simple she makes things.  She brought me to a point where I could be myself without interference and yet she enabled a sense of real community to develop among people who only saw each other 60 minutes a week and spent what time they were together dancing, not talking.  She's not afraid to explore and admit that she doesn't know how things will turn out and she releases that sense of adventure and willingness to try something new that's too often beaten down or ignored.  Tsipora knows when to leave you alone, yet you are aware that she knows what's going on.  When I took my first class with her, I felt the things I did when I was a kid just boogying down in my bedroom - total abandon, total fun, life's great!  She helped me put new words to my inner song.

Rosanne Graef

Reconnecting with yoga after more than 20 years away has been wonderful. You are a patient, knowledgeable teacher who persistently challenges us to grow each at our own pace. I greatly appreciate that expertise. I have noticed positive changes in my posture (which needs major work), in my ability to handle stress, in my overall flexibility and in my weight loss plan. Overall, my sense of my health and my commitment to mind body spirit wellness has increased since I have been under your tutelage from fall to spring of this year.  A heart felt thank you to you. I also wish continued success in your own personal journey of mind body spirit wellness.     Pat



The Cleansing of Spirit

Just as you cleanse the Earth

Of its Suffering

As you cleanse our relations to the Mother

For all humanity


Of wind, sun, air , water

Flora and Fauna

A space held…created

An exchange allowed…supported…encouraged

From your essence, intelligence

Direct knowledge, wisdom

Health manifests of Earth….Of us


The vibration of your essence

White…mixing of all colors

The heat of your soul that moves the body


Amplified by

Your undying sacrifice to seek,

Acknowledge, preserve, protect.


Fortified by the blood of your soul,

Recognized by humanity

Through your eyes

The Keeper of the Sacred

Knowledge of the Earth



To One Who Shares Many Gifts 

The fragility of a moment 

The tenderness of a teardrop

The touch of a healer

The glow of a volcano

The beauty of new thoughts

The connection  to now

The tremors of an electrical storm 

The release of the old 

The sensationof being grounded

All felt lying on a yoga mat on a quiet afternoon… 

Safe in a tree house

Surrounded by Mother Nature

Guided by one who is connected to life Heart  Soul  Mind  Body

Healing from within

Feeling the Life Force 

Earth Mother

The Universe

They are all here 

They are all felt 

Never to be forgotten

Treasures beyond measure…as are you

thanks. Marta

What I love about Tsipora

By Gabriele L.

I love that Tsipora is curious.

.........how she shares.

.........the way she finds little things special.

.........how she gets excited about new things.

.........how she strives for excellence.

.........how she pays attention to detail.

.........how she knows what is true about herself

........the sound of her laugh

.........her youthfulness

........how she puts her outfits together

........love, love, love her head dresses

........how she works with the earth

........how she respects her family

........how she gives people a chance

........how she shares her food and cooking ideas

........how just being with her makes me feel better about me

........how she listens

........how she keeps on trekin' on...

........how she embraces her reality

........her aliveness in her living

........her teaching

........her wisdom

........her caring

........her creativity

........her sparkle

........her enthusiasm

........her contemplation

........her being

........her love


The peace of love,

The sensitivity of touch

The openness of sharing

The faith of relaxation

The courage of trust

The beauty of a body

The time of a heartbeat

The depth of breath

The value of a moment

The pressure of a squeeze

The ability to observe

The powers of sight

The love of friends

This is what has been laid before us to share, to pursue, to engage, to practice, to become.  

We are lucky to experience this blessing of such a gift.

Helen V