Yoga Dance Course


The Essential Self

A journey into the language of stillness and motion.  Uncover your own truth in what each moment entails and how it unfolds for you in this interesting practice of movement and stillness. "Authentic Movement is an expressive improvisational movement practice that allows a group of participants a type of free association of the body. It was started by Mary Starks Whitehouse in the 1950s as "movement in depth"." Wikipedia

Dancing Your Internal Landscape

Invite the unfolding of a unique exploration of individual movement, creating personal biographies in dance.  You will be guided to express your personal prayer, needs, wants, dreams, suffering, gifts, and insights. The movement and stillness of the body provide the framework to experience our individuality, alone and in community.  By paying attention to the sounds, images, thoughts and memories that emerge find new awareness to live with joyful gratitude.  Reflection brings our unconscious to consciousness through writing/drawing, and optional sharing. 

Voice Dancing

Expand your movement horizons using the voice in various experiences that open energy centers and honor the sounds that come from your soul.  From Ancient Mantras to Harmonic Oms, a sound healing journey sure to bring surprises 


A class designed to break all the dancing rules formed by formal dance classes.  Retrain yourself to pull from the choreography that is in your soul.  Give yourself the chance to expand your movement repertoire. This class is of benefit to dancers and non-dancers alike as we explore a personal choreography that pulls from the depths of your soul and allows the essence of your true self to move in the body.  Using techniques of Dance Movement Therapy, Body Mind Centering, and Dance we will open the portals to your essential self.  This is a great class for artists and dancers looking for new material for their work.

Dance as an Artistic Resource

Through movement and music, experience accessing your artistic self.   Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, this class is sure to awaken a place within you that will surprise you and add to uncovering your true nature. Explore the images that emerge during movement as a resource for your unique creative expression in both writing and mixed media art.  Bring an art/writing journal.  Large art paper and other supplies are provided. No experience in art or movement necessary 

Prayer Dancing

  A time touch in with your spiritual nature and to awaken to the power of movement as a personal and collective prayer.  Open your heart in a deep exploration of how movement can evoke the essence of your true self (essential self, Buddha nature), allowing the energy of the soul to strongly connect with whatever higher power, All That Is, Great Mystery, God, creator, nature energy… is for you.   Allow for the active imagination to express itself in the power of full presence in an atmosphere of safety and love.


Moving Art Creating Joy

 Through movement, writing, and drawing, this interesting and surprising, workshop will take you on a journey to joy as you uncover your soul through the arts. No experience necessary in any of the arts.  This is for everyone! A fabulous way to explore the depths of your soul while staying out of the head. 

Dance for Peace

 Join this inspirational time of movement and music focusing on creating peace within ourselves and letting that peace bathe our friends, family, community, and world.  We will dance the dance of peace individually and in community and finally in a place of spirit that connects us with the whole.  Donations go to Peace Groups

Seasonal Animal Migration Dance

 Join an amazing moving time during October and March to connect with the world migration of animals at these times of year.  Experience this special journey into your personal connection with this migration season. Large objects from nature will be our dancing partners. 

Dance as a Healing Art

Invigorating, gentle, creative movement and yoga done to fantastic music from around the world form the base from which we will create sacred space to allow the active imagination to flow freely with the intention for healing ourselves and others. This experience facilitates a sense of power, aliveness, vitality, relaxation, healing, and integration.  Learn to take clarity and calm into your life with simple techniques to expand your ability to be fully present.

Dance to the 12 Steps

 Did you ever think it could be possible to further your recovery through rediscovering your dancer? Everyone can dance. If you consider yourself a dancer or you have always thought you have two left feet, this class is for you. This is nonverbal therapy at its best:  the path to addiction recovery through rediscovering joy and expanding a joyful relationship with the body. You don’t need to be part of a 12-step program to find inspiration in this class. You may not even recognize it happening as the music and movement aide to affirm the essence of the 12 steps 

Wild Heart Dance

Dance into the essence of the open heart in this meditation, music, and movement experience based on the work of the Heart Math Institute. Delve into the mysteries of moving with the heart and experience how through this practice of Dance you can access the open heart and take it into your daily life.


Mother Daughter Dance

Mothers and daughters join together in an interesting moving experience that is fun and joyful.  Grounded in the Kripalu Yoga philosophy guiding participants to move at their own pace, honor the body’s needs in each moment and connect deeply with the body, mind and spirit, you experience a peaceful aliveness deep in your bones.

Dancing with the Natural World

Using materials from nature we will dance our connection to All That Is.  Through personal reflection and connection with earth, air, fire, water, and dancing with objects from nature including sticks from 12 different trees, cones, bones, skulls, rocks, minerals, shells, and other surprises, we will explore the energetics of these objects and the messages they can give us using movement and stillness as the avenue to the depths of our connection with the whole.  Participants often leave this class with a deeper understanding of the illusion of separateness and an experience of how all life is one.

Journey of the Chakras

The chakras are an ancient model of a way to live our lives, understand our psychology and heal our wounds.  In this workshop we will explore this philosophy working with each chakra through yoga, dance and sharing.  You will gain a sense of balance and understanding of your body energy system while playfully exploring your inner dancer.  Learn how to translate this understanding into your psychological and spiritual life on and off the dance floor.

Dancers of Light

 Celebrate the holiday season by honoring all cultures and traditions through music and movement.  Let yourself be moved as you consider the element of light in all facets of your personality, your place in community and the world.  Join in the light-filled fun as we dance in the darkest time of year to honor the light.  No experience necessary. 

Engage Your Body, Ignite Your Soul: wellness and healing through movement and art

Give yourself a gift of renewal.  Yoga-dance, art and writing exploration, meditation, and relaxation.  Invigorating, gentle, creative movement and yoga done to fantastic music from around the world form the base from which we will create space in the self to allow the active imagination to flow freely.  The activities will facilitate a sense of power, aliveness, vitality, relaxation, healing, and integration of the body, mind, and spirit. Learn to take clarity and calm into your life with simple techniques to bring you into the moment and expand your ability to be fully present.  Learn to follow your impulse freeing yourself from thinking thus allowing creativity to flow.