Expressive Arts Education and Therapy

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 Consciousness Expansion

Expressive Arts Education uses movement, sound, visual arts, and creative writing to foster self-expression, insight, creativity, personal visioning, and expanded consciousness.

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Expressive Arts Playshops

Doll & Journal Women’s Group


 An amazing healing transformative journey for your unfolding truth and the understanding of co-creation. This Expressive Arts, 6-session once a month workshop, is pure joy, love, delight and consciousness expanding. The results are always astounding. 

6 women meet once a month, Sometimes adjusted due to vacation schedules. In the first meeting we will look at days and times to meet everyone's needs. I will explain the process which starts with each person finding an idea for a beginning of a "doll", as simple a stick of wood to a complex sewn form.  Second you will need a journal for the doll's story,  and carrying case because monthly your doll will go home with someone new. That person will add to the journal and doll. 

No experience in the arts necessary.

6 women, 3 hr session/ 6 mo.  $165 

Rawhide Rattles


 Rattles have been used for hundreds of years as music makers, as a way to call in the spirits of other dimensions, and to enter non-ordinary reality of the shamanic dream state. In this workshop you will explore the uses of rattle and create your own. Create a unique and beautiful rawhide rattle to use in making music, ritual, as a gift or for ceremony. During this creative process you will experience an unfolding for the purpose of the rattle for yourself and consider the intention within the art.

2 days process about 2 hours /day   Materials included. $40.

Bring a bone, antler piece, stick, or driftwood for a handle. Bring any personal feathers, ribbons, fabric, beads or meaningful charms to add to your rattle

6 " Waldorf Dolls


Using all natural materials and materials from nature create an incredibly unique and interesting 6 inch doll from for your own enjoyment, healing, and vision or as support or a gift for someone else.  These delightful dolls will enchant and mystify you with their power. 

Bring any personal feathers, ribbons, fabric, beads or meaningful charms to add to your doll. 

3 hours Materials provided.   $25

Soul Cards


Paste Paper


Gelatin Printing